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  • One Low-Carb Diet That Always Works
    By Sal Colascione III. Dedicated to people on a low-carb diet.
  • Gittleman, Ann Louise
    Author of The Fat Flush Plan. Certified clinical nutritionist specializing in nutrition, weight loss, and cleansing diets.
  • Burn the Fat
    Learn how to quickly and easily lose fat permanently without drugs, supplements, or fad diets.
  • Body Fat Guide, The - Ron Brown offers methods to analyze body composition and energy balance, weight loss secrets, and muscle-building exercises.
  • Sugar Busters
    Three medical doctors and a Fortune 500 CEO describe an easy way to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and help manage diabetes.
    Offering an online e-book showing how to lose weight and eat all you want, including fast food.
  • Hold the Toast
    A guide to low carbohydrate dieting.
  • Rubin, Jordan S.
    Author of The Maker's Diet. Includes recipes from the book and information on the 40-day diet and lifestyle regimen designed by Rubin.
  • Sugarfree Kitchen
    Cookbooks by Deanie Bahan, and other resources for a sugar-free diet.
    Offers recipes balancing equal portions of protein and carbohydrates. Fits the nutritional guidelines of the Body for Life Program.
  • Diet Directives
    Features program for weight loss.
  • Anti-Diet, The
    Learn to convert healthy lifestyle principles into practice.
  • Feast and Fast Diet
    Diet combines the beneficial effects of weight loss, increased longevity, improved heath, peaceful sleep, and more.
  • G.I. Diet, The
    Diet that breaks foods down into three groups based on the glycemic index.
  • Get With the Program
    Weight loss and maintenance program by Bob Greene.
  • Experience a Brand New Body
    By John Pappas. Discusses how to achieve one's genetic best through personalized exercise and nutrition programs.
  • Fat-FairyGodmother's Website, The
    Featuring the book: Eat It All and Be Thin Forever.
  • Fat Wars
    By Brad King. Offers research on fat-loss techniques and diets that work.
  • Awaken the Diet Within
    How the author went from obesity to beauty queen and television personality, and how you can do it too.
  • Become the Journey: A Transformation Guide
    Certified trainer and specialist in performance nutrition, who lost 65 pounds of fat, relates how self-empowerment can lead to permanent weight loss.
  • Live Lightly!
    Offers excerpts of the weight loss e-book by Zo Houseman. Also features diet resources including weight calculators and books.
    Offers information on how to burn calories faster for greater weight loss while walking.
  • Solution: 6 Winning Ways to Permanent Weight Loss, The
    By Mellin, Laurel.
  • Business Plan for the Body
    By Jim Karas. Utilizes a business plan model to assist readers in devising effective strategies to manage their health and weight.
  • Fat Like Us
    Includes an excerpt of the book by Jean Renfro Anspaugh, as well as chat and discussion.
  • Betterway Press
    Publishers of self-help resources including newsletters on life planning for disabled children and the cognitive therapy book How to Survive Your Diet, by Linda Moran.
  • Lose Fat, Not Faith
    Book by Jeremy Likness that teaches readers how to lose weight and keep it off the healthy way.
  • Weight Loss Surgery: A Lighter Look at a Heavy Subject
    Features excerpts from Dr. Terry Simpson's book as well as online sales.
  • Hungry for Answers
    Provides information regarding the role of diet in health, weight control, and disease prevention.
  • Mental Challenge of Dieting
  • Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?
    Book by Dr. Sanford Siegel on hypothyroidism, thyroid, and metabolic weight loss.
  • Supersized Kids
    Companion site to the book that offers advice, an eight week diet plan, and information to help overweight kids and teenagers fight obesity, lose weight, and be healthier.
  • Winning at Weight-Loss
    Sells a program that gives one the tools to become psychologically healthy on the inside so one can become physically healthy on the outside.
  • Practical Change - 8 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life
    Companion site for the book designed to inspire weight loss, healthy eating habits, physical fitness, and exercise through articles, recipes, and other resources.
  • Burn Fat and Build Muscles Fast
    Offers ebooks on how to lose fat and build muscle fast. Titles cover weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain along with free fitness tips.
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