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Surrogate Parenting
Site Listings :

  • American Surrogacy Center, Inc.
    Information on surrogacy, traditional/AI and gestational, egg donation, infertility options and assisted reproduction, including medical treatment, legal status, counseling, support groups, agencies and forums.
  • Intended
    Provides resources and telephone support for independent surrogacy arrangements.
  • Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc.
    Provides surrogate parenting services, infertility diagnosis and treatment, and female sterilization reversals.
  • Surrogate Alternatives
    Third-party reproduction, with the assistance of both AI and IVF surrogates and egg donors.
  • Center for Surrogate Parenting & Egg Donation, Inc.
    Facilitates egg donation and surrogacy. Accepting egg donor and surrogate applications.
  • Surrogate Parenting Services
  • Loving Donation
    Provides egg donation services and an online database of egg donors.
  • Tiny Miracle
    Egg donation agency dedicated to helping infertile couples find the ideal egg donor candidate utilizing an online database of egg donors.
  • Surrogate Creations
    Provides services to both intended parents, as well as egg donors and surrogates.
  • International Fertility Center for Surrogacy & Ovum Donation
    Coordinates fertility and legal programs for clients.
  • Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR)
    Identifies qualified egg donors to assist couples with their reproductive needs including resources.
  • Surrogacy Consultants of Florida
    Provides parent and surrogate matching and relationship management services.
  • Dream Donations
    Works with egg donors and infertility clinics to assist couples in achieving their dream of creating a family.
  • San Diego Fertility Center: Egg Donor for You
    Information source for couples considering fertility treatment with egg donation.
  • B Coming
    Providing services, information, and resources to bring together men and women with egg donors and surrogate mothers.
  • Exceptional Donors
    Dedicated to developing a multi-cultural egg donor pool and a positive experience for both donors and recipients.
  • Surrogacy Solutions
    Matches and administers the relationship between intended parents and surrogate mothers or egg donors.
  • Surrogacy Program, The
    Provides infertile couples with surrogate mothers, oversees surrogacies, and offers an egg donation program.
  • LA Baby Fertility Agency
    Full-service Asian egg donor agency based in Los Angeles. The LA Baby Fertility Agency coordinates all the logistical details and works side by side with local physicians.
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