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Sports Braces
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  • Proline Extreme
    Manufacturer of athletic and medical supports, including braces and body protection.
    Retailer of bodybuilding supplies, supplements, braces, supports, and other fitness gear.
    Sells orthopedic supports and braces as well as other sports medicine products.
  • dj Orthopedics
    Maker of the DonJoy bracing line and other orthopedic support products.
  • Innvoation Sports, Inc.
    Maker of functional and post operative knee brace products.
    Specializing in ankle and knee braces, back supports, foot orthotics, and information to heal joint injury or relieve arthritis pain.
    Sells combination knee brace and strap, including moveable magnetic therapy attachments.
  • ElasticSupports.Com
    Offers sporting braces, supports, and other accessories.
  • Medisport
    Provides information about sports injuries and rehab exercises.
  • Active Ankle Systems
    Information on our Active Ankle.
  • Pro Orthopedic Devices, Inc.
    Arm, back, shoulder, and wrist braces and supports. Also available: magnetic therapy products, and equine sports medicine items.
  • Swede-O, Inc.
    Makers of ankle braces to prevent sports injuries.
  • American Orthopedic Supports
    Orthopedic braces, supports for knee, ankle, wrist, back, and elbow, compression hosiery, and more.
  • SupportsUSA
    Specializing in orthopedic braces and supports including heel cups, hinged knee braces, and more.
  • Body in Motion Sports Orthopaedics, Inc.
    Offers a variety of orthopedic braces and supports.
  • Eastern Orthopaedics
    Suppliers of orthopedic, orthotic, and sports medicine braces, supports and cast covers.
  • ITA-MED Co.
    Manufacturer and supplier of compression hosiery, orthopedic supports, maternity and other health products.
  • PM Dizoleo
    Offers a selection of sports medicine and home therapy products including angora warmers, braces and supports, trusses, leg circulation products, and more.
  • Gel Band
    Offers information on Gel Band patella straps, arm bands, and ankle braces for tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, ankle support, and sports use.
  • ProLite Wrist and Thumb Products
    Sells ProLite wrist and thumb splints for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprain, thumb pains, and fractures.
  • Brace Center, The
    Full line of orthopedic and sport bracing for the wrist, ankle, knee, back and feet.
  • Knee Braces Store, The
    Specializes in braces and supports for torn ACL ligaments, sprained meniscus, patellar tendonitis, osgood schlatters, and for chondromalacia.
  • FlexLite
    Information and retailers of FlexLite knee braces.
  • Brace International
    Manufacturer and distributor of innovative sports bracing products.
  • Runlite
    Manufactures orthopaedic bandages and sheets made of a unique and patented thermoplastic resin with a cotton support.
    Retailer of ankle braces and supports.
  • SWB Elbow Brace, Ltd.
    Orthopedic brace, designed to be worn during activities, to relieve the pain of epicondylits and radial tunnel syndrome.
    Features catalog of home health care products, orthopedic supplies, braces, and supports for most physical needs.
  • Kelley Med
    Softgoods supplier specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine products.
  • Achilles Medical
    Offering sports medicine braces for the ankle, knee, back, and wrist.
  • Back In Action Fitness Therapy
    Sells support braces for the back, knee, elbow and ankle designed to ease pain, support muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and protect against future injuries.
  • DonJoy Store
    Distributor of DonJoy athletic orthopedic braces and supports.
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