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Radiology Equipment Manufacturers
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  • Biodex Medical Systems
    Manufactures and distributes nuclear medicine, radiology, rehabilitation, physical medicine and orthopedic supplies and accessories.
  • Radionics
    Manufactures radiofrequency lesion generators and accessories, stereotactic radiosurgery, radiotherapy, and electrosurgery instruments, and hydrocephalus shunts and other neuro implants. A division of Tyco Healthcare Group.
  • Computerized Medical Systems, Inc.
    Developing computerized radiation therapy planning systems (RTP).
  • Syncor International Corporation
    Compounds and dispenses radiopharmaceutical products in patient specific unit doses and multi-dose form for use in diagnostic imaging and therapy.
  • Radpharm Scientific
    Manufactures renal, bone, lung, biliary, leucocyte and RBC labelling radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine, and sterile goods.
  • Capintec, Inc.
    Developer, manufacturer, and marketer of radiation measuring and monitoring instrumentation for applications in nuclear medicine and therapy.
  • Kiran
    Manufactures and markets a range of x-ray accessories worldwide.
  • iCRco, Inc.
    Manufactures iCR intelligent computed radiography devices and x-ray digitizing equipment.
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