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Radiology Diagnostic Equipment
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  • E-Z-EM
    Designs, manufactures, and markets contrast media for gastrointestinal tract radiography.
  • Inphact
    National provider of teleradiology, digital radiology systems and radiology practice management services.
  • United Medical Technologies, Corp.
    Sells used diagnostic imaging, radiology, and x-ray systems.
  • JDI Solutions, Inc.
    Sales, installation, and support services for all Siemens MRI and CT systems. Also sells GE, Philips, and Picker equipment.
  • Frank Barker Associates, Inc
    Selling systems for diagnostic radiology, immobilization products, and quality assurance.
  • E. M. Parker, Co., Inc
    Distributor of medical diagnostic equipment including medical imaging, x-ray, radiology supplies and service.
  • Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc.
    Providing refurbished, used, and new imaging equipment to hospitals, imaging centers, and independent medical practices.
    Offers a line of diagnostic imaging, filing, mailing, labeling, and accessory products.
  • MDS Nordion
    Preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease using radioisotopes, including nuclear medicine, oncology information management, teletherapy, therasphere, and industrial and food irradiation.
  • R2 Technology
    Computer aided detection system that uses neural network processing software to detect characteristics of breast cancer.
  • Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
    Provider of open MR imaging and rotational angiography systems.
  • Gammex RMI
    Designs, manufactures and distributes products for diagnostic radiology including laser alignment, mammography, radiation oncology, ultrasound, and teleradiology.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Systems Inc.
    Developing radiology products for medical and veterinary facilities.
  • XiTec, Inc.
    Manufactures mini c-arm fluoroscopy systems for extremity imaging applications.
  • Images-on-Call Teleradiology
    Manufactures and sells teleradiology and image distribution networks.
  • Oakworks Medical Equipment
    Offers radiology equipment for optimum radiolucent patient positioning during diagnostic and surgical procedures.
  • Cancer Diagnostics
    Manufacturer of tissue marking dyes for the pathology laboratory.
  • Rowley Biochemical, Inc.
    Offers diagnostic dyes, stains, reagents, and dye powders for histology and pathology.
  • Italray srl
    Electromedical, radiological and X ray unit producers.
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