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  • Magic Learning Systems
    Offers software to assist learning for any subject material, plus speed reading and mathematics audio tapes.
  • Infinite Mind
    Offers eyeQ to improve reading speed and comprehension.
  • Speedread America, Inc.
    Online education available in English or Spanish.
  • Speed Reading 4 Kids
    Speed reading course designed just for children.
  • TurboRead Speed Reading
    Features comprehension improvement, memory techniques, mind mapping, study methods, and exam tips.
  • Reading Genius
    System offering techniques to learn speed reading, mind mapping, improved memory, comprehension, recall, accelerated learning music, and more.
  • Power Reading
    Offers a comprehensive speed reading course designed to increase comprehension and retention.
  • Advanced Reading Concepts
    Speed-reading courses and seminars for corporations and conferences at any location. Public speed-reading courses for adults and teens are available in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Ed Strachar's Reading Genius
    Offers speed reading kit.
  • Mega Speed Reading
    Includes a video tape, audio tapes, and a supplemental workbook.
  • PrimeReading
    Program designed to improve reading, learning, and memory skills.
  • Mastering the Age of Information
    Provides on-site corporate workshops, group seminars, and tutoring sessions for executives.
  • StepWare, Inc.
    Makers of AceReader, speed reading software to improve reading both on and offline.
  • Creative Windoware Pty Ltd.
    Makers of RocketReader, speed reading and memory training educational software.
  • Avica Lines
    Software for improving speed reading efficiency.
  • SoftOlogy
    Makers of Rapid Reader, a reading program designed to triple your reading speed.
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