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  • Icke, David
    Official site of the controversial public speaker and author, whose ideas cover environmentalism, spirituality, and politics.
  • Prager, Dennis
    Worldwide lecturer on a variety of topics ranging from personal and social issues to morality and religion.
  • Keller, Jeff
    Motivational speaker. Attitude is Everything Inc.
  • Pallone, Dave
    Gay former Major League Baseball umpire gives keynote presentations based on his book.
  • Barbara Braham and Associates
    Speaker, consultant, and business coach specializing in personal and organizational growth and purpose.
  • Brooks, Robert PhD
    Speaker on self-esteem.
  • Richard Moss Seminars
    Internationally renowned teacher of consciousness focuses on the indivisible oneness of our relationship to ourselves, to each other and to the great mystery we call God.
  • Donovan, Jim
    This is your life, not a dress rehearsal.
  • Buscaglia, Leo Dr.
    Author, lecturer, and originator of the ground-breaking "Love Class" at the University of Southern California.
  • Domingos, Mike
    Speaking on grief support, understanding death and dying, and overcoming adversity.
  • Gallo Institute, The
    Offers seminars and workshops for individuals, families, and financial advisors that examine the psychology of money and issues surrounding family wealth.
  • Healthy Sounds
    Is directed by Music Therapist, Barry Bernstein and promotes wellness and teamwork through drumming.
  • Blair, Gary Ryan
    Offers speaking and consulting services for goal setting.
  • O'Neill, Jesse MA
    Offering programs in both seminars and public speaking on affluenza.
  • Living Consciously
    Offers a statistically trackable intervention program that builds character and addresses causes of behavioral sabotage.
  • Zwanger, Melissa MA, MBA
    Offering workshops, seminars, and consulting on personal and business development.
  • Gaulden, Albert Clayton
    Director of the Sedona Intensive, shares secrets for healing, spiritual growth and recovery from addiction in the bestselling Clearing For The Millennium.
  • Wentworth, Adriene
    Spiritual speaker and products.
  • Hurd, Kendra
    Professional counselor offering audio tape and speaking engagements for relaxation response and self care.
  • Speak Eazy Seminars
    Offers public and private training in speaking skills.
  • Topf, Linda Noble
    Inspirational leader empowering physically challenged to see that illness can be viewed as an opportunity for spiritual awakening.
  • Hershey, Terry
    Focuses on intimacy and relationships as a journey of personal and spiritual growth.
  • Demartini, John F.
    Offers seminars from his Concourse of Wisdom School of Philsophy and Healing program. Promotes personal transformation and leadership.
  • Eastburn, Brett
    Born with no arms or legs, Brett offers his unique perspectives on overcoming obstacles and finding true inspiration.
  • Hutchins, Loraine
    Author, activist, speaker and teacher with an emphasis on bisexual issues.
  • Shadow Work Seminars, Inc
    Bring the power of your true self out of shadow and into the light. It is an intense learning experience for men and women who want a safe setting for personal growth.
  • Quantum Leap Advantage
    Offers methodology seminars and motivational speaker Dan Pena.
  • wa Kituku, Vincent Muli, Ph.D
    Delivering workshops, keynote speeches and seminars to help you succeed in life by keeping what you do in harmony with your values and vision.
  • Instantaneous Transformation - Ariel & Shya Kane
    Revealing and dissolving the barriers that keep us stuck in our memories of the past or our plans for the future
  • Vocal Awareness - Arthur Joseph, voice coach has developed a philosophy which integrates the aspect of Self through vocal training.
  • Heart N Home Seminars - Nancy Van Pelt provides Christian advice in her seminars and books on relationships, families, marriage and more.
  • Life Enhancements Inc.
    Motivational speaker, author, and corporate trainer Rob McCarter teaches stress management, confidence management, and more.
  • Professional Woman Speakers Bureau
    Network of consultants and trainers, providing training and seminars on topics such as diversity, leadership, and professionalism.
  • Reid, Gerry - Speeches, workshops, seminars. Author of 'Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Success!'.
  • Mahood, Shirley A.
    Lecturer on stress reduction, relationship issues, and self-esteem from a spiritual point of view.
  • Roy Lantz Seminars
    Seminars, workshops, self-study materials, and more.
  • Robert Cabral Corporate Karate
    Empower yourself with the techniques of the samurai warriors. Coaching, training and speeches by 7th degree black belt.
  • Strategic Advantage - Jim Harris speaks internationally on reengineering, innovation, quality & creating learning organizations.
  • Rice and Associates, Inc.
    Offer workshops on the spirituality and psychology of attracting, creating, and maintaining intimate relationships.
  • Darby, Mark
    Motivational and speaker on humor creativity and stress utilization.
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