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  • Focusing
    A kind of inward bodily attention that a few people have naturally, but which most people don't yet know.
  • Aksworld Self Help and Personal Growth Books and Articles
    Provides inner peace, spiritual, and personal growth development books and articles, focusing on self-improvement, esteem, and motivation building.
  • Three Minute Therapy
    Self-help strategies for emotional and behavioral problems.
  • World of Experience
    Online companion to The Atlas of Experience, featuring multimedia, a place to create your own map, and more.
  • Easy Training Guides
    Offers time management tips and skills for self motivation and personal development.
  • Raising Your Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide
    By Jeanne Segal, PhD. Includes information on spiritual fitness and emotional trauma.
  • It's Your Time
    Book by nationally recognized organizational and time management expert Joe Cirillo to help anyone take control of their time, reduce stress, and lead a happier, healthier life.
  • EQ Edge, The
    Includes information about the book and presentations by Steven Stein, PhD on the topic of emotional intelligence.
  • Boldt, Laurence - Center for Creative Empowerment is an online resource center offering products and services including coaching, books, and audio tapes, that empower individuals to live free and happy lives.
  • Dash System, The
    Teaching users to eliminate stress, enjoy inner peace, and create fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.
  • Meaning: the Secret of Being Alive
    Looks at the human condition in the context of general systems.
  • Stack The Logs
    Personal growth book set to inspire, educate, and empower people to take bold action to achieve their dreams and to assist St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the ongoing mission of "finding cures and saving children."
  • Winds of the Soul: Heaven's First Voice to Us
    Personal guide to self-fulfillment and spiritual self-actualization by Gregory C.D. Young.
  • Human Effectiveness Institute, The
    Sells the book "Freeing Creative Effectiveness," offering simple experiments aimed at increased personal performance.
  • Keep Your Brain Alive
    Program of brain exercise to help prevent mental aging.
  • Mind Accelerator: Your Lexicon for Success
    Presents tools for accelerated human performance including increased IQ, quickening of neural transmission speeds, re-programming the mind, and enhancing reading speed.
  • Inner Securities
    Offers customers business training and support through the book Inner Security & Infinite Wealth: Merging Self-Worth and Net Worth.
  • Stripping Illusions
    Self help bible for personal inspiration, motivation, and growth, by Halina Biernacki.
  • Spiritual Doodles & Mental Leapfrogs
    Playbook to jumpstart your sense of creativity, fun, and spiritual self-expression.
  • Growing Beyond Your Loss
    Workbooks, therapy manuals, and greeting cards that assist with grief and all types of loss.
  • Get Me off the Treadmill - Valerie MacLeod specializes in group facilitation and team dynamics as well as individual life coaching. She is also the author of Get Me Off the Treadmill, a workbook that guides readers through life balance exercises.
  • The Skill of Happiness: Creating Daily Ecstasy with Vivation
    By Jim Leonard.
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