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Personal Growth Audio Self-Hypnosis
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    Offers hypnosis information in addition to personalized CDs and tapes addressing weight loss, bad habits, smoking, fears, self confidence, and psychic/intuitive abilities.
  • Hypnotica
    Self hypnosis resource.
  • HypnoSoft Self Hypnosis Software
    Offers custom self hypnosis audio, created online and delivered via email.
  • Subliminal Assistance LLC
    Offers self improvement tapes and CDs, utilizing self hypnosis and subliminal persuasion. Topics include health and wellness, weight loss, stress, smoking, and more.
  • Alman, Brian M. PhD
    Offering tapes and books.
  • Active Hypnosis
    Offers a CD recorded by a professional hypnotherapist to help people quit smoking through hypnosis.
  • King of Tapes
    Offers subliminal self-improvement audio and video tapes.
  • Holistic Hypnosis
    Sells custom made subliminal, hypnotic, and sleep learning tapes and CDs using your suggestions and your music.
  • Brain Sync
    Brain wave technology and subliminal audio/music programs for weight loss, jogging, yoga, meditation, relaxation, traditional-alternative medicine, and spiritual development.
  • Grossman, Dr. Kenneth PhD
    Offers custom self-hypnosis CD programs for smoking habits, weight loss, stress and pain reduction, and increasing golf skills.
  • IBS Audio Program 100
    Offers self-hypnosis tapes clinically designed to help with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Subliminal Tapes
    Sells tapes for weight loss, smoking cessation, increasing intelligence, and more.
  • SuccessWorld
    Offers programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, relaxation, concentration, and more.
  • Applied Subliminal Technology
    Offers subliminal tapes for self improvement.
  • A Better You Hypnosis Center - Tom Nicoli provides hypnotherapy as a means to lose weight, stop smoking, or reduce stress. Also sells hypnosis CDs.
  • My Hypnosis
    Discusses self hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques including articles on the benefits of custom hypnosis and recommended products.
  • Bigger Is Better
    Offering tapes of hypnosis for better sex, hypnotizing your lover, penis and breast enlargement, sex therapy, and overcoming sexual dysfunction.
  • Maine Center for Hypnosis
    Offers programs and self-hypnosis tapes.
  • Yusuik, Mark
    Offers information on shows, photos, CDs and tapes.
  • PATH Foundation Hypnotherapy
    Offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy training classes, services, and CDs and tapes specializing in Cell Command Therapy and cellular releasing hypnosis for healing.
  • Hypnosis Tapes 4 Health
    Sells hypnosis tapes and CDs with suggestions for managing weight loss, pain, smoking, sleeping problems, self-esteem, and general personal growth.
  • Mind Over Matter Hypnosis Centers
    Offering self improvement programs for weight loss, stress reduction, smoking, and more.
  • Alternative Solutions
    Offers hypnotherapy program tapes and CDs.
  • Goldenhead Hypnosis
    Offers downloadable MP3 files on hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  • Self Improvement Self Help Tapes
    Offers subliminal audio tapes for personal development, raising self esteem, relaxation techniques, stress management, and positive thinking.
  • Hypnosis Tapes For Health
    For smoking cessation, weight problems, stress management, elimination of all phobias, and other habits or motivational problems.
  • Hypno-Tapes
    Self-hypnosis tapes for treating sexual problems and increasing enjoyment.
  • Psyconfidential
    Provides psychiatric condition descriptions, resources, and information in addition to self-hypnosis CDs.
  • Hypnosis Tapes Work
    Offers self-help recordings for weight loss, smoking cessation, and memory improvement.
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