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Personal Growth Audio Relaxation
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  • Pure White Noise
    Offers white noise CDs that aid sleeping, concentration, and provide sound masking for distracting room acoustics and noises.
  • New World Products
    Subliminal and meditation tapes for relaxation, improving spirituality, memory, and intuition.
  • Guided Imagery
    Offers tapes for stress management, relaxation, and healing.
  • Circle of Light
    Offers guided imagery relaxation tapes from inspirational speaker Michaiel Patrick Bovenes.
  • Tranquility Tapes
    Relaxation tapes for the relief of anxiety, depression, stress, sleeplessness, and more.
  • Mind Creations
    Teaches techniques for wellness, relaxation, and headache pain relief.
    Provides Breathing Pacemaker therapeutic audio products that facilitate autonomic nervous system balance and resultant psycho-physiological coherence. Also provides information on the science of breathing and its effect on health.
    Sells natural sound and white noise machines for privacy and sleep including Marsona, SoundScreen, and Marpac products.
  • CAP-10 Learning Network
    Produces Stress Buster, an independent study program on audio cassette that teaches you to reduce stress.
  • Sounds of Nature
    Relaxation tapes to sleep, work, dream by.
  • Feel Better Solutions
    Offers psychologist-produced self-help relaxation CDs and tapes, electronic motivational aids, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) phototheray lamps.
    Offering a wide range of soothing music and accessories that assist in relaxation and meditation.
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