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    Provides information and resources for personal growth, self-improvement, goal setting, and success.
  • Mind Tools
    Articles and shareware helping you to think your way to an excellent life.
  • ABC's of Personal Growth
    Psychology tests, newsletter, phone counseling.
  • Option Institute, The
    Year-round programs are for anyone wanting to improve their lives (relationships, career, health, etc.) as well as for those challenged by adversity (depression, abuse, loss, illness).
  • Inner Bonding
    Transformational six-step personal growth and healing process available to anyone ready to accept responsibility for their own feelings and actions.
  • Motivation 123
    Offers tips and ideas on motivation in addition to a newsletter, idea kit, and book.
  • Motivation Point
    Motivation newsletter, online community, and advice for achievement and success.
  • Top Achievement
    Offers inspirational quotes service, as well as goal setting and self improvement resources.
  • RealityShifters
    Explore how thoughts and feelings manifest in the physical universe as reality shifts, the source of synchronicity and essence of spontaneous healing.
  • Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy, The
    Founded by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt and offering therapy based on a theory of primary love relationships.
    For setting, managing, and accomplishing personal and professional goals. Site offers goal-setting wizard, pre-made goalplans, tips, and articles.
  • Project NatureConnect
    Environmentally sound personal growth books, workshops and internships. Gaining balance through connecting to nature.
  • Copeland, Mary Ellen MS, MA
    Offering self help strategies for dealing with depression, manic depression and other psychiatric disorders.
  • 6 Seconds
    Resources for affective education for teachers, administrators, parents, and counselors to teach emotional intelligence. Training and materials, online resources, and research.
  • Anger Management from Leonard Ingram
    Offers books and audio cassettes on anger management techniques, as well as phone counseling, training courses, and a community discussion board.
  • Silva Method Global Home
    Headquarters of the Silva Method Mind Development and Stress Control Program introduced by Jose Silva in 1966.
  • Institute in Basic Life Principles
    Series of educational, informational, and character development opportunities to give the world a 'New' approach to life.
  • Radical Honesty
    Offers to help foster honest communication that is direct, complete, and expressive leading to intimacy and stress-reduction.
  • Women's U.
    Offers teleclasses for women.
  • Optimal Thinking
    Professional and personal development seminars, speeches, products, consultations, and writing services.
  • Astromind
    Offering a program to increase focus and consciousness.
  • Transformations Inc.
    Offers courses, books, and tapes for spiritual renewal, breathwork, and growth.
  • AspireNow
    Features articles, tips, and interactive tools to help discover purpose in life and build abundance in career, lifestyle, and relationships.
  • The Foundation of I, Inc.
    Coming to know who you are, your identity, is the purpose of the Self Identity through Ho'oponopono training.
  • National Values Center, Inc. - Spiral Dynamics links the work of Dr. Clare W. Graves with memetics to produce a new framework for managing value systems and change.
  • Personal Growth Planet
    Offers personal growth tips, self improvement and development information, as well as books and tools from life success coaches Susie and Otto Collins.
  • Self Esteem And Confidence Improvement
    Offers training designed to improve self-esteem, confidence, and self-image. Technique involves working with various self-improvement techniques and a personal coach.
  • Interactive Achievement Center, The
    Career and self development resources for business, sales, and personal growth.
  • PSI Seminars
    Aimed helping individuals increase wealth, improve relationships and health, reduce stress, and increase personal satisfaction.
  • LifeScope - Listings of resources for self-development in The Eight Vital Zones of life.
  • Goal Setting Guide
    Offers free goal setting tutorial, articles, motivational wallpapers, inspirational quotes of the day, and more. Also sells the title How to Set and Achieve a Goal.
  • Imagination Institute
    Imagery, guided imagery, mental healing, visualization, enlightenment, spirituality, emotional control.
  • Jose Silva Ultra Mind ESP System
    Offers mind development training seminars and products, prepared by Jose Silva. Aimed at building self-esteem, overcoming bad habits, promoting wealth and happiness, and cultivating a positive mental attitude for success.
  • Learning Strategies Corporation
    Offering tapes, books, and training to experience full potential including speed reading, language, vocabulary, anxiety relief, and more.
  • Jon Shore Seminars
    Offers workshops and private sessions, tapes and books.
  • Affirmations For Positive Thinking
    Offers self improvement and personal growth training by changing and controlling your thoughts.
  • Deep Fun
    Contains articles and links exploring the pursuit of happiness and fun-therapy.
  • Clear Directions
    Licensed provider of HeartMath Tools. Assists people and organizations in reducing stress and increasing emotional intelligence through coaching, seminars, and more.
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