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Personal Emergency Response Systems
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  • Lifeline Systems, Inc.
    Provider of personal response services.
  • Always Dependable Companion Medi-Alert Systems, Inc.
    Help at a push of a button for seniors and physically challenged persons.
  • AlertOne Services, Inc.
    Offering medical alarms and emergency response systems for independent seniors, physically challenged persons, and homebound individuals.
  • Safety Products Unlimited
    Equipment, supplies, first aid kits, and personal emergency response systems.
  • Digital Angel
    Products and services enable the collection, organization, analysis, warehousing, and dissemination of information for commercial operations, governments, and individual consumers worldwide.
  • American Medical Alert Corp.
    Provider of personal emergency response systems.
  • American Medical Alarms
    Offers a push button emergency response system.
  • Alertcast
    Subscription based emergency notification service that facilitates contingency planning, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery.
  • LifeFone
    Offers personal response and support services for older adults by intervening in emergency situations.
  • ResponseLink
    Personal emergency response service for seniors and caregivers.
  • Connect America Medical Alarms
    Medical alert alarm systems with two-way interactive monitoring.
  • American Senior Safety Agency
    Offers medical alarms to the elderly.
  • Home Technology Systems, Inc.
    Nationwide provider of in-home medical alert systems and advanced telephone-based emergency response systems for senior living facilities.
  • Pioneer Emergency Medical Alert
    Sells a neck pendant which will send a radio signal to the command station when pressed, in case of an emergency.
  • Life Alert
    Personal emergency response system.
  • 1-800-Med-Alert
    National provider of Med-Alert services to elderly, medically-at-risk, and those living alone.
  • Pioneer Medical Systems
    Central station medical monitoring company specializing in emergency response and medication monitoring for in the home use.
  • LifeLink No Fee Medical Alert System
    Personal alert system that calls for medical help at the press of a panic button, featuring no monthly fees, subscriptions, or contracts.
  • LifeGuardian Medical Alert Systems
    Features a wireless transmitter connected to a home telephone line to automatically place a call for help whenever assistance is needed.
  • About Medical Alarm
    Find medical alarm and alert systems and devices for senior care and patient monitorization.
  • Link To Life
    Offers a a twenty four hour national personal emergency response system.
  • Medic Aid Response Systems
  • Moked Enosh International, Ltd.
    Manufacturers of the Carephone, an emergency assistance system for hands-free operation.
  • Magnavox Mobile911
    Provides cellular 911 access and a personal safety alarm.
  • Lifewatch Medical Alarms
    Personal emergency response system serving Long Island, metro New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and South Florida.
  • SOS Industries
    Personal emergency response system (PERS) monitoring and equipment.
  • 911Notify
    System for automatic notification of one to six people in the event 9-1-1 is called from a subscriber's telephone.
  • Libertas
    Offering a waterproof personal security pendant which allows the wearer to summon help and speak live with a Libertas operator.
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