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Paternity Testing
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  • CheckMate
    Semen detection test kit to monitor your spouse's sexual activity.
  • GeneTree DNA Testing Center - AABB DNA paternity, siblingship, and y-chromosome testing services for legal and personal purposes.
  • DNA Diagnostics Center
    Specialists in DNA paternity testing utilizing blood, buccal swabs. Available worldwide.
  • Paternity Answers
    Sells home DNA paternity test kits.
  • Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals
    Offers confidential home DNA paternity testing.
  • DNA Dimensions - DNA testing laboratory specializing in paternity.
  • Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc.
    Paternity testing laboratory that legally determines parentage identity using DNA and identity testing technology.
  • Family
    Offers home DNA paternity testing.
  • American Medical Services
    Offers four choices for DNA paternity testing.
  • DNA Testing Centre, Inc.
    Includes information on shipping, testing, state requirements, statistics, and more.
  • Beta Genetics
    Offers paternity testing in the privacy of your home.
  • American Genetics DNA Paternity Testing Inc.
    Offers standard and non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing.
  • Home Paternity Testing
    Offers a home paternity testing kit for private DNA tests.
  • Paternity Testing Corporation
    Offers paternity and forensic identity testing using genetic markers.
  • DNA Paternity Services Parentage Testing
    Offering testing services done in strict confidentiality throughout the United States.
  • Genex Diagnostics
    Online DNA paternity testing service offering home testing kits.
  • World-Wide Paternity Services
    Offers private home DNA paternity collection kits.
  • Gelb, Allen G.
    Paternity consultant offering DNA testing.
  • Genetic Profiles Corporation
    Provider of DNA paternity testing services using buccal swabs and blood. Worldwide service available.
  • American Paternity Center
    Offers home DNA testing to establish genetic relationships.
  • Genetic Identity
    Offers accredited paternity testing for legal or personal cases.
  • Advanced DNA Technology
    Provides DNA paternity testing services.
  • Commonwealth Biotechnologies DNA Paternity Testing
    Genetic testing services. Expert witness available.
  • Home DNA Testing
    Offers DNA testing services and home kits.
  • SwabTest
    Offering home DNA paternity tests.
  • RUMyKid
    Offering DNA testing services for paternity, maternity, sibling, grandparent, first cousin, and aunt or uncle.
  • Private Paternity Testing
    Offers confidential at-home paternity test kits online, or scheduled tests at collection centers around the world.
  • Paragon Genetics
    Offers a method of non-invasive prenatal testing from a small sample of expectant mother's blood. For paternity DNA and genetic testing, as well as sex determination.
  • Definitive Proof
    Confidential in-home DNA paternity testing services.
    Offers discrete services to determine parentage.
  • Easy DNA Test
    Includes fully accredited DNA testing for legal purposes.
  • Independent Forensics of Illinois
    Offers competitively-priced, legal, and private paternity and forensic DNA testing nationwide in an accredited lab.
  • 1-800-DNA-TEST
    Offers at-home paternity and DNA test kits.
  • Parentage Test
    Offers a home DNA testing kit.
  • Genetic Discovery Paternity Testing Inc.
    Offers paternity testing and other related services.
  • easyDNA
    Offers testing service based on analysis of cotton swab sample from the inside of the cheek.
  • London Biosciences DNA Paternity Testing
    Offers confidential DNA testing services.
  • DNA Roots
    Specializes in DNA paternity testing for adult children.
    Offering DNA paternity home test kits.
  • E Paternity Testing
    Offering consumers an at-home DNA test to assist in establishing paternity.
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