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Nutrition Consulting
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  • Don Lemmon's Know How
    Nutrition consultant, actor, model, and advisor to some of the biggest names in the industry lends you his expertise.
  • HealthDesigns International
    Offers a nutritional testing system and nutritional products for men, women and children.
  • Cancer Nutrition Center
    Source for information on nutrition and cancer.
  • Nutrition and Diet Services
    Develops nutrition fact labels, recipe analysis for publications, menu analysis for facilities, and diet analysis for counseling and research projects.
  • Blue Fountain Inc.
    Nutritional counseling, online health topics, and other resources.
  • Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition
    Dedicated to the delivery of digestive health services and nutritional information in a 'patient friendly' environment.
  • Ellyn Satter Associates
    Publishing, consulting and training on nutrition, dieting, and distorted eating attitudes and behaviors.
  • Quillin, Patrick PhD, RD, CNS
    Experience includes work as an internationally respected author, lecturer, professor, and consultant in the field of nutrition.
  • Balanced Body Health Assessment and Nutritional Program
  • Dopart, Susan B. MS, RD
    Specializes in helping clients with individual programs in the areas of weight management, eating disorders, sports and cardiac nutrition, and diabetes management.
  • White, Erica
    Nutrition consultant will help you to combat candidiasis, m.e. and take active responsibility for your health.
  • Weaver, Tony
    Offers personal fitness and nutrition coaching.
  • Freda Care
    Online nutritional health analysis which includes professional recommendations and check-up chart pinpointing deficiencies in preventive health categories.
  • Winters, Craig
    Owner of Full Spectrum Health, independent USANA distributor, instructor at Bastyr University, and board member of Citizens For Health.
  • Integrated Nutrition, LLC
    Provides nutrition counseling and therapy by licensed and registered dietitians and nutritionists.
  • Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition
    Integrative health practitioner and family nutritionist Dr. Laura Thompson offers counseling, research, and products.
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Designs
    Confidential nutrition analysis by a registered dietitian.
  • International Nutrition Consultants, Inc.
    Nutritional education and analysis services company provides nutrition consultants home study course, online vitamin deficiency analysis software and in-depth health status reports.
  • MedicalMeals
    Lists health-promoting properties various foods along with suggested meals.
  • Optinutrition
    Educational site on nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental factors that influence women's, children's, and men's health and wellbeing.
  • Power, Laura PhD
    Offers clinic and distance consultations for food allergies, diet, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, and more.
  • Portion Doctor
    Offers healthy eating tools for diet, diabetes, obesity, cancer patients, and general nutrition.
  • Nutritest Program
    Provides personalized consultation by Dr.Arnold Susser using a questionnaire to test for nutritional deficiencies and eating habits.
  • RD Menu Design and Consulting
    Provides personalized weight loss meal planning by a registered dietitian based on an individual's metabolism.
  • Certified Nutrition
  • Renders Wellness
    Healing program through naturopathy.
  • Cox, Edna RD, LDN
    Registered and licensed dietician, author, and speaker providing long term care nutrition expert witness and consulting services.
  • Brown Health Care Plus
    Provides online consultation services, with herbal products and herbal-diet packages available for order.
  • Real World Nutrition
    Nutritional counseling.
  • What's For Dinner Tonight
    Subscription weekly menu planner with pictures of meals, shopping lists, and cooking instructions for every meal throughout the week.
  • On Track! Nutrition & Fitness Consulting
    Registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Katherine Bruno provides full-service nutritional and fitness consultations including treatment for eating disorders, weight management, and more.
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