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Mental Health Stress Management
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  • HeartMath
    Offers coaching, books, and software programs.
  • Stress Education Center
    Seminars, books, and tapes.
  • Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment
    Therapy for anxiety and panic attacks and self-help products.
  • Stress Less, Inc.
    Multi-disciplinary stress management company retailing high quality, stress reduction products and programs.
  • StressFree Network
    Services for combatting stress.
  • Stress Doc Enterprises - Mark Gorkin, psychohumorist, social worker, speaker, and writer.
  • Calm Centre
    A group writers, artists, musicians, and psychologists developing ways to overcome stress. Page has a shop for calming aids and other information on staying calm.
  • Stressbusters
    Ways to monitor and begin to challenge your negative thoughts.
  • Humor Potential, Inc.
    Resources, products, and seminars for stress management.
  • Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety
    Offers a self help study program to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Balance and Power
    Offering stress tips, lifestyle meditation, yoga relaxation, wellness consulting, and more.
  • Institute For Stress Management
    Offers products and services to help control stress.
  • Kidder, David PhD
    Provides stress management self-help information and tools, as well as psychological services.
  • Pzizz
    Offers a device aimed at increasing the revitalizing effects of napping, using a combination of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), sound effects, and a binaural beat.
  • Stress Directions
    Offering the Stress Navigator Workshop, a confidential and secure stress knowledge product for businesses and individuals.
    Offers a variety of ways for office workers and PC users to heal and unwind. Featuring relaxing techniques, products, and healing gallery and music.
  • Optimal Health Concepts
    Health promotion and stress management consulting for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals.
  • Quanta Dynamics, Inc.
    Offering seminars and other resources on sleep and stress.
  • American Association of LifeStyle Counselors (AALC)
    Working in the fields of weight control and stress management.
    Provides products for stress management training including video and audio tapes, complete packages, and more.
  • Stressmagic
    Supplies natural products for stress relief and the prevention of migraine headaches.
  • Drumming Away Stress, Inc.
    Services for individuals and corporations seeking relief from day-to-day stress.
  • Relax Depot
    Offering a wide variety of stress management and home spa products.
  • Palumbo, Fran - Reducing Stress Through Meditation
    Stress reduction workshops, audio, and video tapes. Programs for individual, companies, healthcare, and education centers.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
    Workshops and tapes using meditation, body scan and Yoga techniques.
    Offers articles, stress relief CDs, an interactive stress test, and more.
  • EMMJ Corporation
    Offers patented glasses that help reduce stress by stimulating the left or right brains.
  • Anger Zone, The
    Provides audio tapes, classes, workshops, and a newsletter focused on anger management techniques and resolving conflicts appropriately.
  • ScreamFree Living
    Offering books, audio programs, live seminars, coaching, and relationship consulting dealing with taking the stress out of parenting, marriage, and business relationships.
  • Anxiety and Stress Management Video Classroom
    Offers online videos to help eliminate anxiety and panic attacks using breathing and relaxation exercises.
  • Stress Management Training by Distance Learning
    Offers diploma courses in stress management training for individuals who wish to become stress management trainers.
  • Stress Treatment Center of New Orleans
    Offering products and publications for individuals wanting to rid their lives of stress. Includes information about Medical Director Arthur Samuels, MD, FAPA.
  • Life Assist Proactive Stress Management
    Offers a practice to identify, treat, and release the root causes of chronic stress.
  • Phoenix Electronics, LLC
    Selling products aimed at stress reduction via electromagnetic stimulation of the brain and/or bloodstream.
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