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  • Imaging Services, Inc.
    Offering x-ray equipment and C-Arm accessories.
  • AADCO Medical, Inc.
    Features X-ray protective wear, eyewear, barriers, and shields. Also offers surgical and radiology accessories.
  • Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc.
    Sales of medical and industrial x-ray products.
  • X-Ray Marketing Associates, Inc.
    National network of independent X-Ray dealers.
  • S & S X-Ray Products / RADX Technology
    Manufacturer of X-Ray accessories and motorized viewers for radiology departments.
  • Sure Quality Imaging
    Wholesale film purchase group that combines orders to achieve discount prices.
  • dpiX
    Develops flat-panel LCD displays and amorphous silicon x-ray image detectors.
  • Panoramic Corporation
    Manufacturer and designer of panoramic X-Ray equipment for dentists.
  • Star V-Ray
    Manufacturer of DNA chip scanners, digital x-ray detectors, high resolution, high sensitivity, and medical cameras.
  • Vision Imaging Partners
    Carries a full line of radiographic equipment, products, and accessories serving the medical industry through a nationwide member network.
  • Irom Imaging, Inc.
    Manufacturer of generators, mobile systems, tables, and other x-ray equipment.
  • VIDAR Medical Imaging
    Provider of medical film digitizers for pacs, remote primary diagnosis, teleradiology and telemedicine, film dosimetry, and treatment planning.
  • X-Ray Insturmentation Associates
  • H. R. Simon and Company, Inc
    Producer of x-ray chemicals.
  • Siltech Corporation
    Manufactures silver recovery, fixer recycling, and developer reduction systems for the imaging industries.
  • DaGA, Inc
    Selling x-ray equipment and medical supplies.
  • Mackie X-ray
    Offers Pan, Ceph, and PA xray film to dentists, chiropractors, and veterinarians.
  • Supertech
    Distributes x-ray accessory products and supplies for quality control and personal protection for hospitals, doctors, x-ray dealers, and schools.
  • Xograph Imaging Systems
    Supplies medical imaging equipment and consumables to hospitals, chiropractors, veterinary practices, research laboratories, and industrial users.
  • AMI Film Bin
    Sells x-ray film, discount developing and storage supplies, densitometers, darkroom supplies, intensifying screens, and cassettes.
  • Absolute X-Ray Solutions
    X-ray related products, accessories and equipment.
  • AmeriComp
    Provides radiographic systems and components to medical, chiropractic, and veterinary clinics worldwide.
  • Pulse Medical, Inc.
    X-ray accessories for clinics, hospitals and veterinarians.
  • Diatron, Inc.
    Provides refurbished Siemens X-ray equipment to the U.S. and South America, as well as brokering services and X-ray parts.
  • GTR X-Ray Generator Manufacturing
    Manufacturer of high voltage power supplies for medical x-ray.
  • DMX Works Digital Motion X-Ray
    Fluoro-based X-ray system coupled with digital and optic technology to allow clinicians to view the spine in real-time motion.
  • K.S.R. X-Ray Supplies
  • MCI Optonix
    Manufacturer of medical x-ray intensifying screens, featuring rare earth blue and green emitting, plus calcium tungstate.
  • Viewbits Industrial Cameras
    Offering industrial CMOS USB cameras for machine vision, microscopy, and high ppeed image capture.
    Sells film, filters, safelights, calipers, and more.
  • Unisantis SA
    Develops and manufactures analytical and medical X-ray equipment, as well as stress and phase analysis equipment. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Shanghai Advanced NDT
    Manufactures X-ray equipment including tubes and generators.
  • American X-Ray
    Manufacturer and supplier of x-ray equipment and services.
  • Agsa Gomma
    Manufacturer of surgical gloves; also makes gloves, gowns and collars for X-ray protection.
  • Valuemed
    Offering a range of radiology supplies including film, chemistry, processors, lead products, illuminators, and more.
  • HiTech Medical Inc.
    X-ray film.
  • Raynostix Corp.
    Offers a variety of x-ray film.
  • X-Ray Copy Service
    Produces copies of x-rays and trial exhibits for the medical and legal communities.
  • National Discount X-Ray Supply
    Offers discount film, wholesale film cassettes, intensifying screens, and radiation badges.
  • Advanced Medical X-Ray
    X-ray film, equipment, accessories, and supplies.
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