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Male Genitalia Information
Site Listings :

  • Shagnasty's Penis Owners Club
    Includes the Penis Owners Manual, advice, and more.
    Explores male sexuality issues, including andropause, hypospadias, penis size, masturbation, and oral sex.
  • All About My Penis
    Personal account of a penis and its doings, moods, and functions.
  • altPenis
    News, reviews, and discussion forums on penis enlargement and male genitals.
  • Anatomy of the Penis and Mechanics of Intercourse
    Information on how circumcision affects sensation and sexual function, from the Circumcision Information Resource Pages.
    Provides information on the male gonads, including anatomy, histology, and facts related to testicular pathology.
    Features facts about penis size and shape and answers to penis problems.
    Provides information about natural penis enlargement and the techniques involved, alternative enhancement methods, and the issue of penile size.
    Penis enlargement research information and stories, sex studies, and more.
  • Penis Enlargement Options
    Discusses current popular methods of penis enlargement including pills, natural exercise techniques, stretching devices, and vacuum pumps.
  • Does Penis Size Matter?
    Discussion and answers to the age old question on whether penis size matters to women or not.
  • Free Penis Enlargement Site
    Penis enlargement exercises and information on how to build and use a homemade penis pump.
  • Penis Website, The
    Discusses the size and shape of the flaccid and erect penis, women's views, and questions about sex, the penis, and masturbation.
  • Sex Education Associates
    Discusses average penis size.
  • Penis
    Features information on penis enlargement, impotence, penis health, male fertility, and more.
  • Accurate Penis Size Facts
    Describes the results of a survey into penis size conducted by, including differences in penis size between races.
  • Penis Enlargement
    Provides information and reviews about various penis enlargement methods and solutions.
  • F.A.Q.: The Penis and Scrotum
    Information on the structure of the penis and internal sexual organs, plus answers to frequently asked questions.
    Provides a photographic guide to penis size, shape, erection angle, curvature, and penile problems including sexually transmitted infections.
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