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Laboratory Equipment
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  • Medical Chemical Corporation
    Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory reagents, chemicals, germicides and test kits. Offices in California and New Jersey.
  • BioLogics, Inc.
    Manufactures the Omnicon and Samba image analyzers as well as automated colony counters and sonic dismembrators.
  • Brandel
    Designs and manufactures laboratory equipment for the biomedical research industry including automated sample preparation and harvesting systems, superfusion systems, microdispensers, filter paper, test plates, and more.
  • Wescor, Inc
    Instruments, reagents and supplies for clinical and life science laboratories. Instruments and sensing devices for crop and soil science applications.
  • Globe Scientific Inc.
    Supplier of routine and non-routine plastic disposables for the laboratory.
  • Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc.
    Contract provider of sterile vials and syringes to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • E & K Scentific
    Specializes in high throughput screening and robotics supplies, as well as general laboratory plasticware.
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
    Provides instruments for the diagnoses of blood via Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, and critical care or blood gas.
  • bioMerieux Vitek
    Provider of automated microbiology and immunoassay instruments for clinical and industrial laboratories.
  • So-Low Environmental Equipment Co., Inc.
    Manufacturers of low temperature laboratory freezers and refrigerators for the medical, pharmacy, and industrial markets.
  • Gibson Laboratories, Inc.
    Manufacturers of prepared culture media, microbiology supplies, reagents, and prepared culture plates and tubes.
  • Precision Pipette
    Offers mail-in or on site technicians to calibrate and repair single, multi-channel and electronic pipettes.
  • High Tech Lab
    Specializes in the production of liquid handling products and single-use disposable and general purpose lancets.
  • Mercedes Medical
    Sells medical supplies with a focus on physician office and histology laboratory products.
  • Artel
    Pipette calibration systems.
  • Drummond Scientific Company
    Manufactures pipets, oocyte injectors, capillary microdispensers, and microcentrifuge tube decappers.
  • Diamond Diagnostics
    Specializes in refurbished clinical laboratory equipment, spare parts, and consumables.
  • BR Instrument
    Specializing in distillation equipment for a variety of applications.
  • Lennox Laboratory Supplies Ltd.
  • Awareness Technology
    Cost-effective laboratory instruments for EIA and general chemistry.
  • Nichiryo America, Inc.
    Distributes, supports, and services pipettes and automatic liquid handling systems.
  • PCI Medical
    Manufacturer of ductless fume heads for glutaraldehyde and other chemicals.
  • Rankin Biomedical Corporation
    Source for pre-owned and refurbished medical equipment.
  • Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc.
    Supplies products to the anatomical pathology market.
  • Utech Products
    Offering online laboratory products catalog.
  • VacuMed
    Pulmonary, respiratory, exercise stress testing, gas analysis, ventilation and body fat measurements. Also treadmills, exercise bicycles, ergometers, heart rate monitors.
  • Evergreen Scientific
    Includes a catalog of their equipment, general company info and samples by mail.
  • Rapid Calibration Services, Inc.
    Offers pipette calibration and services.
  • BMT a.s.
    Manufacturer of medical and laboratory devices including steam and hot air sterilizers, laboratory drying ovens and incubators, pressure vessels, and stainless steel furniture.
  • Walu Labortechnik
    Manufacturer of liquid handling equipment, such as bottletop dispensers, digital burettes, and pipette controller.
  • Analytical Instruments, Ltd
    Sales and service of reconditioned analytical, medical, clinical, laboratory, and surgical equipment.
  • Spectron Corporation
    Specializing in fully warranted rebuilt laboratory instrumentation.
  • Southern Instrument Maintenance
    Offers mail-in pipette repair and calibration service.
  • Shelton Scientific
  • ISE Interface Systems Engineering Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures shakers, counters, and coolers for university and medical research laboratories.
  • Raymond A. Lamb, LLC
    Manufactures a range of laboratory supplies including slide and cassette markers, waxes, stains, wash bottles, and embedding accessories.
  • Genex Ltd.
    Produces slide handling systems.
  • Laboratory Products Sales - LPS is a world wide distributor of laboratory supplies and equipment to the biomedical research community.
  • Dot Scientific Incorporated
    Distribution company for laboratory supplies and equipment with a primary focus on biomedical research.
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