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Indoor Air Filters
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  • AAF International
    Manufacturer of commercial air filtration products and systems primarily for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers.
  • Airguard
    Manufacturer of air filtration products for the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.
  • Dust Free
    Electrostatic air filter and air cleaner manufacturer.
  • Glasfloss Industries, Inc.
    Air filters for industrial, commercial and residential applications.
  • Micronair
    Specialists in dust and pollution control, filters and filtration, mineral fibre manufacturing, and practical ceramic technology for developing countries.
  • E.L. Foust Co.
    Air purification, water filtration, HVAC filters, and other products for residential and commercial applications.
  • CSR Industries, Inc.
    Manufactures the Cosa Tron contamination reduction system.
  • Air Filtration Products, Inc.
    Instrument fan filters and fan accessories.
  • Solberg Manufacturing
    Manufacturer of industrial air filters for air compressors, blowers, and vacuum pump industries.
    Provides electrostatically charged 3M, custom size, and their own brand of air filters.
  • Koch Filter Corporation
    Manufactures commercial, industrial, hospital, and paint booth filtration systems.
  • United Air Specialists, Inc.
    Manufacturer of commercial and industrial electrostatic precipitation air cleaning equipment and supplies.
  • Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control, Inc.
    Design and supply of air pollution control systems, fabric filters, precipitators, wet or dry scrubbers, and NOx control systems for industry.
  • Isolate, Inc - Hospital TB isolation units, odor control, HEPA air filtration, IAQ chemical air filter units, ultraviolet disinfection, air filtration, and air conditioning units.
  • Bel-Aire
    Repair and parts for electronic air cleaners.
  • Air Filter Service Company, Inc.
    Supplier of filtration products and services to utilities, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Bruce Air Filters
    Specializes in air filtration products that are related to the HVAC, indoor air quality, and dust collection markets.
  • Cleanroom Filters & Supplies (CFS)
    Warehousing and distribution network carrying products for clean rooms such as replacement HEPA filters, prefilters, and laminar flow equipment.
  • APC Filtration
    Filter design, engineering, and testing for original equipment manufacturers of industrial, commercial, and household appliances.
  • American Filtration
    Replacement filters for residential and commercial systems.
  • AirMaze
    Filtration solutions for controlling contamination.
  • Power Aire, Inc.
    Offering inline air filters and more.
  • Filtration Group Companies
    Manufacturer of a broad range of air and gas phase filtration products.
  • Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
    Offers air filters, filtration systems, HVAC products, biochemical decontamination shelters, and more.
  • Good Filter Company
    Manufacturers of polypropylene electrostatic, metal foil, metal mesh, and activated charcoal vapor filters.
    Offers a selection of dust collector filters, parts, and accessories for all dust collectors.
  • Delta Filtration
    Manufacturer of semi-finished air filtration products.
  • U. S. Air Filtration
    Manufacturer of customized pulse jet baghouses as industrial dust collectors. suppliers of bag house collection filters, Torit cartridges, bin vents, fans, valves, and auger conveyors.
  • Air-Care
    Manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment and electrostatic air filters to remove pollen, dust, and other irritants. Also provides a list of duct cleaning technicians world-wide.
  • Pure Air Systems, Inc.
    Offering HEPA whole house filtration systems.
  • Voors Heating & Cooling Products
    Offers furnace filter replacements, humidifier pads, and air conditioner covers.
  • Tri-Dim Filter Corporation
    Manufacturer of innovative air filtration products for a variety of applications.
  • Filter Factory, The
    Engineers, designs, and manufactures filtration systems to customer specifications.
  • Columbus Industries, Inc
    Performance engineered air filter products.
  • Newtron Products Company
    Manufacturer of electrostatic air filters, purifiers, and whole house carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Kleenair Group
    Manufactures a wide range of commercial air cleaners capable of eliminating almost any form of particulate pollution.
  • Purex International
    Specializes in laser, solder, and welding fume and dust extraction and air filtration systems using HEPA filters.
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