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Home Test Kits

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  • Medimpex United
    Products include home tests for pregnancy, ovulation, drugs, cholesterol, and diabetes.
  • Home Access Health Corporation
    Provides FDA approved at-home tests for HIV, cholesterol, and hepatitis C.
  • Home Health UK
    Provides home health tests, including ovulation, prostate, and herpes, as well as information.
  • Home Health Testing
    Sells FDA-approved home medical tests for cholesterol, thyroid, prostate cancer, colon cancer, urinary tract infection, menopause, male infertility, pregnancy, Alzheimer's, and more.
  • Test Medical Symptoms @ Home, Inc.
    For testing anthrax, HIV, colon/prostate cancer, osteoporosis, alzheimers, diabetes, pregnancy, ovulation, and alcohol and drug use.
  • Craig Medical Distribution
    Kits for drug and alcohol testing, pregnancy, and ovulation prediction.
  • Baby Hopes
    Offering high sensitivity ovulation predictor kits and home pregnancy tests.
  • eBioSafe
    Sells laboratory test kits.
  • Early Pregnancy Tests
    Offers tests and ovulation predictor kits.
  • Inverness Medical Innovations
    Manufactures and sells products for the women's health and nutritional product markets.
  • York Nutritional Laboratory
    Specializes in food intolerance testing. Site contains information on services offered as well as details on specific allergies.
  • Accurate Pregnancy Tests
    Offers pregnancy test and ovulation predictor kits at wholesale prices.
  • At Home Pregnancy Tests
    Sells pregnancy and ovulation tests.
  • Med-Direct
    Specialises in women's health, particularly fertility and family planning.
  • Buy Pregnancy
    Offers pregnancy tests and ovulation predictors.
  • Geodesic Meditech
    Offers a mid-stream urine pregnancy test and OvuSign, a 5-day kit which uses urine to predict ovulation.
  • Evolution Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.
    Home semen analysis kit, sperm count info, understanding test results, and more.
  • Zetek, Inc.
    Manufactures the Cue Ovulation Monitor for ovulation prediction and detection.
  • Complete Fertility
    Offering ovulation predictor kits and home pregnancy tests.
    Offers ovulation predictor tests, progesterone cream, and other fertility products.
  • Fertility Monitors
    Sells fertility monitors and associated products.
  • Fertility
    Sells ovulation predictors and pregnancy test kits.
  • Maybe?MOM
    Offers a self-administered ovulation predictor kit based on saliva testing.
    Offers a home fertility test for low sperm count, as well as information on male fertility, infertility, and the importance of sperm count.
  • Body Balance
    Provides home health laboratory screens for hormones, toxicity, candida, osteoporosis, and others.
  • First Response
    Professional and consumer information regarding the line of pregnancy test products.
  • Cholesterol Test & BioScanner Kits @Home
    Sells home cholesterol monitoring kits and disposable tester kits for total cholesterol, HDL, and triglycerides with lab test analysis available.
  • InVitro International
    Provider of non-animal testing methods.
  • J. Hewitt Incorporated
    Sells brand name diagnostic test kits.
  • CancerTest
    Online ordering of home test kits for colorectal, bladder, and prostate cancer.
  • Just 4 Tests
    Provides wholesale ovulation and pregnancy tests.
  • Fertile Focus
    Offers personal microscopes for analyzing saliva to test for fertility.
  • Home Diagnostic Kits
    Analysis of home pregnancy, cholesterol, glucose, and other testing kits.
  • Rapid Medical Systems (RMS)
    Offers home diagnostic tests for breast cancer, HIV, stomach ulcer, and Hepatitis B/C.
    Provides health test kits for private home use focused primarily on saliva hormone testing for women and men.
  • Pregnancy Tests, Inc.
    Offers early home pregnancy tests and ovulation predictor kits.
  • OvuLook Ovulation Tester
    Offers fertility tests to help predict ovulation for natural family planning.
  • FMG Innovations
    Sells tests to aid early detection of Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Medical Home Products
    Sells FDA-approved home medical test kits for diabetes, cholesterol, fertility, pregnancy, prostate, and more.
  • BabyStart
    Conception kit contains home ovulation predictor tests and a sperm count test for couples planning a pregnancy.
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