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Makers - Hearing Aids
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  • Phonak
    Develops and manufactures hearing technology.
  • Oitcon OtiKids
    Makers of hearing aids and listening devices for hearing impaired children. Features information on hearing loss signs and solutions.
  • Clarion Cochlear Implant
    Electronic device designed to provide useful hearing and improved communication ability to individuals who are profoundly hearing impaired and unable to achieve speech understanding with hearing aids.
  • Siemens Hearing Instruments
    Offers info to the consumer and the hearing health care provider about hearing aids, hearing loss, audiology, and professional products and services.
  • MED-EL Corporation
    Provides cochlear implant systems and solutions for those with little or no hearing.
  • Phonic Ear
    Offers FM and infrared, wireless assistive listening products designed to improve signal-to-noise ratio for people with hearing loss.
  • Starkey Laboratories
    Hearing aid manufacturer.
  • Unitron Industries Ltd.
    Manufacturer of quality hearing aids
  • Oticon
    Offers digital hearing aids as well as information about the nature of hearing loss.
  • Miracle-Ear
    Helps hearing-impaired people through advancements in hearing technology.
  • Rexton, Inc.
    Hearing aid manufacturer.
  • Hearing Innovations Incorporated
    Makers of HiSonic -- a new hearing aid for the profoundly hearing impaired. Alternative to cochlear implants that is totally non-invasive and requires no surgery.
  • Elkon
    Offer a range of products for assessment and rehabilitation of the hearing and speech impaired.
  • HEARx
    Hearing care company providing diagnostics testing and hearing aids to seniors.
  • Mini Loop Systems Ltd.
    Provides hearing aids, information, and resources for the deaf and hard of hearing community.
  • America Hears
    Manufacturing and direct sales of programmable digital hearing aids.
  • Aurilink
    Offers ready-to-wear hearing aids for people who need an extra boost.
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