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  • Health-Minder Software
    Organize family health records on your PC and learn new ways to monitor nutrition, exercise, symptoms, expenses, insurance, child development, eldercare, prescriptions, and petcare.
  • Life Form
  • HealthProfiler
    Software for creating, storing, and printing complete personal family health records.
  • Heart Health Analyzer
    Assesses risk of coronary heart disease based on lifestyle and blood lipid profile.
  • Wimoweh Software - CycleWatch is a program that will help you learn about your fertility signs through documenting your observations.
  • StretchWare
    Multi-platform software package that provides information on performing stretching routines while using the computer.
  • Neurobase
    A fast, intuitive, up-to-date information resource for clinical neurology.
  • Herbalist CD-ROM
    By David Hoffmann
  • Oncology Interactive Education Series
    Provides patients and health professionals with a breadth of cancer information. Discusses causes and risks, prevention, diagnosis, treatment options, supportive care, and more.
  • KADMED Studios
    Provides health related Cd-roms for adult and children, on topics including asthma, diabetes, and the heart.
  • Smart Journeys
    Offers Dada daVinci, language software for babies, toddlers, and children with autism and speech delay.
  • SymTrend
    Features customizable online and PDA tools such as e-diaries and graphic charts that allow symptom tracking, charting, and reminding for personal, medical, psychological, and special education use.
  • PCMedBook Personal Health Monitoring Software
    Medical diary software which allows the user to monitor and analyze general health and integrate business schedules with menstrual calendars.
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