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Medical Savings Accounts
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  • American Health Value
    Offering individual medical savings accounts used to cover healthcare expenses and to give greater control over healthcare choices.
  • First MSA
    Specializing in setting up and managing MSAs for individuals and small businesses.
  • Flex MSA
    Offering health and hospitalization insurance for individuals and groups.
  • Health Savings Administrators
    Offering Health Saving Account (HSA) or Medical Saving Account (MSA) investment management services with Fidelity Fund no-load mutual funds.
  • HSA for America
    Offering online quotes for high deductible health insurance plans that qualify for health savings accounts.
  • HumanaOne HSA
    Offers a health insurance option that is made up of a personal health savings account and a high deductible health plan.
  • Medical Savings Accounts, Inc.
    Offering lower cost medical benefit plans for employers including medical saving accounts that allow employees/employers to create cash accounts for employees to spend on routine medical care.
  • Medical Savings Advantage
    Provides Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) in an alliance with Mellon Bank, Dreyfus, and MasterCard to cut taxes and insurance premiums while ensuring choice of medical providers.
  • Medical Savings Insurance
  • MinervaHealth
    Offers savings and benefit plans for individuals and families that help them to save on medical, dental, and prescription drug expenses. Financed by medical bank accounts.
  • National Association of Alternative Benefit Consultants
    Not-for-profit trade organization designed to provide formal support for Medical Savings Account producers and practitioners.
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