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Health Care Outcomes Management Consulting
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  • Health Care Consulting
    Network development, accreditation and compliance regulation, managed care contracting, human resources and more.
  • Murer Consultants
    Legal based healthcare management consulting firm with an international reputation for its work in post acute venues of care.
  • HealthAct
    Healthcare information company partnering with physicians to implement an applied outcome measurement and reporting system at their practice sites.
  • Medco Healthcare Consultants
    Provides cost and hospital/system management, operations improvement and physician services.
  • Health Advances, Inc.
  • Medical Outcomes Management
    Pharmacotherapy consulting company specializing in pharmacoeconomic evaluation, disease state management critical pathway development, drug utilization evaluation.
  • Health Care Specialists, Inc.
  • Pharmacy Outcomes Specialists
    Analytical services, audits and other contractual services, clinical products.
  • Sterling Healthcare Outcomes - SHO works with partners to implement disease management systems.
  • Data Harbor
    Helps clients to implement programs for collecting, interpreting, and disseminating medical data.
  • JLN, MD Associates
    Specializes in services to help improve patient outcomes and control cost.
  • Zitter Group, The - TZG produces conferences, publications and training programs and products to help health care professionals deliver and demonstrate better value.
  • Latham Consulting Group
    Specializes in medical group consulting. Services include merger assistance, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, practice governance, physician compensation, and operational improvement.
  • Templin Management Associates, Inc.
    Services include re-engineering departments and workflow redesign.
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