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Hangover Treatments
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  • Sob'r-K Ultimate Hangover Stopper
    Activated carbon pill designed to combat the effects of alcohol.
  • HangOver Relief
    Offers efferverscent energy tablets.
  • Spirit Sciences USA: RU-21
    Offers RU-21, a supplement designed to change the body's alcohol metabolism in order to prevent alcohol-related damage.
  • RU-21: Hangover Prevention Pill
    Offering an all-natural product that helps prevent the harmful effects of acetaldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism.
  • RU-21: KGB Pill, No Hangover
    Offers an all-natural supplement developed by the KGB that's designed to regulate the body's alcohol metabolism and prevent hangovers.
  • RU-21: The KGB Hangover Pill
    Offers an all-natural supplement which regulates the metabolism of alcohol to help prevent hangovers.
  • RU-21: The Anti Hangover Pill
    Authorized U.K. reseller of product claiming to regulate alcohol metabolism.
  • Hangover
    What causes it, tips for avoiding it, and helpful related products.
  • Drink Ease
    Tablets that contain five homeopathic remedies for countering the effects of a hang over.
  • Hangover Helper
    Offers a pill that provides hangover cures.
  • Chaser Plus for Wine Headaches
    Two caplets are taken with the first glass to avoid wine sensitivity hangover symptoms.
  • Sober-X
    Herbal tonic formulated to lower alcohol levels and provide a hangover cure.
  • Chaser Plus
    Offers a treatment made from natural ingredients to prevent hangovers and wine headaches.
  • Cheerz Anti-Hangover
    Offers a dietary supplement that helps regulate the metabolism of alcohol to help prevent rather than cure hangovers.
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