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Halitosis - Diseases and Conditions
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  • TheraBreath - Dr. Harold Katz offers articles, research, and solutions regarding the prevention of bad breath and halitosis.
  • BreathAsure
    Play the slots game, take the OraBlast breath test, find out about dental gum and other products.
  • Center For Breath Treatment
    Treats patients at their center as well as offering a cost-effective breath treatment kit.
    Offers information about causes and treatments for halitosis and bad breath, articles, a quiz, and a range of products.
  • ProFresh International Corp.
    Makers of the ProFresh BreathCare System which helps eliminate bad breath and halitosis.
  • American Breath Specialists - Bad breath affects 60 million people! Our specialist can treat and cure this social disease. Find one with our geographical search or browse our extensive links.
  • Lip Trainer: Patakara
    Offers an apparatus for sleep apnea, snoring, bad breath, atopic eczema, and speech and swallowing disorders.
  • Bay Area Breath Clinic
    Eliminates Halitosis, common bad breath and malodor.
  • Breath Appeal
    Offers a two minute daily home treatment to eliminate bad breath.
    Provides information and products to eliminate bad breath.
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