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General Herbal Supplement Retailers
Site Listings :

  • Life Extension Foundation
    Retailers of herbs, herbal extracts, and plant enzymes.
  • Herbs N Nature Industries
    Offers weight loss pills, beauty products and, nutritional supplements.
  • Organic Health and Beauty
    Offers organic products including natural vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations, skin care items, and more.
  • Raintree Nutrition, Inc.
    Earn the wonders of the rainforest with extensive information on medicinal plants.
    Offers permanent hair removal products, hair growth, and hair loss treatments for female and male pattern baldness. Also sells low libido and sex drive enhancers and other herbal supplements.
  • Herbal Healer Academy
    Bulk herbs, teas, vitamins, colloidal silver, and more.
  • PlanetHerbs
    Offers herbs, books, and correspondence courses.
  • Native Remedies
    Herbal remedies and information for ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, prostate, UTI, obesity, and more.
  • Viable Herbal Solutions
    Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of botanical formulations including blends to stop smoking, lose weight, and more. Products include cat's claw, licorice root, and alfalfa.
  • Nature's Plus
    Herbal actives.
  • Amazon Discovery Co.
    Offers a range of herbal supplements at wholesale and retail prices.
  • Leaves & Roots
    Specializing in herbs and oils, as well as other supplies for aromatherapy, natural healing, and healthy living.
  • All-Vita Northwest
    Offers vitamins and herbal remedies.
  • Club Natural
    Provides dietary supplements used for memory and energy enhancement.
  • Medicine Plants
    Provides information about various conditions and the products recommended in each case. Also offers sound meditation clips.
  • Grandma's Herbs
    Offers cleansing and building formulas, infection fighters, hormone balancers, and more.
  • Present Moment
    Homeopathy products, vitamins, herbs, and books.
  • Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources
    Sells herbs, herbal products, oils, and rare ethnobotanical seeds and plants.
  • Peruvian Maca Root
    Online store offering various forms of Peruvian Maca Root as well as uses, articles, and research.
  • MD Healthline
    Offering herbal products for sleep, diet, arthritis, and more.
  • American Health & Herbs
    Manufacturing and distribution company suppling high quality herbal, vitamins and other health products.
  • Alternative Health Network
    Offering herbal products for weight loss, serenity, detoxification, etc.
  • Dr. Phyto Alternative Natural Medicine Co.
    Manufactures aromatherapy and herbal medicine products including essential oils, supplements, bath salts, and body care.
  • Mazatec Garden
    Offering a wide range of shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts.
  • Thymely Solutions
    Natural health products including non-GMO nutritional vitamins and supplements, herbal extracts, organic aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences, and water fountains.
  • Native American Tree Resin, Inc.
    Offering natural products for allergies, stress management, digestive health, skin care, and more.
  • Riverdale Organics
    Digital scales, herbal alternatives, smoking papers, detox supplies, and more.
  • Reynolds Office of Health and Nutrition
    Herbs, homeopathics, water treatment systems, and more.
  • Herbs4Healing
    Alternative approach to healing and recovery. Features personal story and anti-cancer regimen, as well as an online store.
  • Triumph Over Hepatitis C
    Offers herbal products to combat the effects of Hepatitis C.
  • D'Arcy Naturals
    Provides acupuncture and herbal medicine services. Also offers a line of herbal products.
  • Herbalist, The
    Line of herbal products for internal and external use.
  • Shamans Garden
    Offers medicinal herbs, shaman plants, sacred seeds, and more.
    Sells pure herb extracts and herbal blends for all health conditions and ailments as well as skin and hair care beauty products.
    Online retail supermarket offering herbal care products and accessories.
  • Marijuana Alternatives Smoke Shop
    Offers color changing glass pipes and bongs, legal herbal alternatives to marijuana, ecstacy, hash, psychoactive herbs, salvia divinorum, and more.
  • Tambu Passionstore
    Specializing in herbal stimulants.
  • Naturalife - Irish company providing a range of organic, herbal, and nutritional products.
  • IAmShaman Ethnobotanical Superstore
    Specializes in exotic entheogens such as salvia divinorum, kratom, and amanita muscaria as well as meditation supplies, books, and music.
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