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Genetic Testing Services

Paternity Testing

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  • Oxford Ancestors
    Harnesses the precision of modern genetics in the service of genealogy. Also researches the geographical distribution of surnames in Britain.
  • Genetics & IVF Institute
    Provider of infertility and genetic services.
  • University of California, San Diego - Biochemical Genetics Laboratory
    Offers a variety of diagnostic tests for inborn errors of metabolism and a database to assist in locating other labs which perform specialized testing.
  • Sigma Genosys
    Specializes in Oligo, Peptide, and Gene Expression.
  • ProADN
    Offering human DNA identification and molecular medicine testing, research, and development.
  • Genetest Laboratories
    Offers testing for paternity and prenatal, forensic, and family reconstruction DNA analysis.
  • Interleukin Genetics
    Provides genetic susceptibility testing services for common diseases and conditions.
  • Veterinary Diagnostics Center
    Provides DNA testing services for animals including parentage, genotyping, banking, disease screening, and coat color prediction.
  • Affiliated Genetics - DNA diagnostic testing laboratory offering paternity screens and twin zygosity testing.
  • GeneDx
    Offers genetic testing to individuals and families suffering from severe hereditary disorders.
  • Paragon Genetics
    Offers DNA based testing for infectious and genetic diseases, paternity, forensics, and legal proceedings.
  • ReliaGene Technologies, Inc. - DNA testing lab specializing in paternity and forensic analysis, including RFLP and PCR analysis.
  • Columbia Laboratory Services
    Full-service provider for drug, alcohol, and paternity testing equipment and supplies.
  • Cellmark Diagnostics - DNA profiling services for forensic purposes.
  • Identigene
    Provides state-of-the-art DNA identity testing with the most advanced, proven technology available today.
  • Genetrack Biolabs Inc. - DNA laboratory providing paternity, maternity, and twin testing.
  • Genassist
    Specializes in pregnancy resources for ultrasound related questions, as well as genetic consultation on inherited diseases and assisted conception.
  • Neo Gen Screening
    Newborn screening services for genetic diseases.
  • Batimore Rh Typing Laboratory
    Offers Genetic Testing Services to the legal community including paternity testing service, and forensic DNA.
  • DNA Copyright Institute
    Facilitates an individual's ownership of their own DNA profile or pattern under existing copyright law.
  • GeneCare Medical Genetics Center
  • Genovations
    Offers laboratory assessment tools for determining individual susceptibility to potential disease.
  • CATGee
    Offers personal DNA storage and profile request kits.
  • Proactive Genetics
    Offers DNA testing specializing in twin zygosity.
  • Ambry Genetics Corporation
    Offering a comprehensive genetic examination analyzing prospective parents for the propensity to pass on birth defects to their children.
  • Long Beach Genetics
    Specializing in reconstruction for immigration, adoption, surrogate parentage, and coroner's sample investigation.
  • Helix Biotech
    Private laboratory offering DNA testing including paternity, immigration, estate banking, adoption, and forensic services worldwide.
  • Identity Genetics, Inc.
    Provides human genetic DNA testing. Specializes in paternity testing and genetic profiling using RFLP and PCR analysis.
  • Celtek Corporation
    Molecular genetic testing laboratory.
  • Andrology Laboratory Services, Inc
    Services include DNA identity confirmation for babies, semen freezing for cancer and prevasectomy patients and sperm analysis.
  • Solutions by Sequence
    Identifying the precise error in a gene that causes illness in a specific family.
  • Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium b.v.
    Performs animal genetics tests, including DNA-tests of farm animals.
  • VisionBio Corporation
    Specializes in the identification of numerous species of Japanese rice by DNA analysis.
  • Waikato DNA Sequencing Facility
    Automated DNA sequencing service. Overseas clients welcome.
  • Teragenix
    Provider of molecular diagnostic solutions, clinical research services, cold specimen storage, and specialty laboratory products.
  • AneuVysion
    Offers a prenatal, in-vitro DNA test to detect abnormalities of chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X, and Y.
  • Helix Biotech Inc. - DNA testing, consulting, and expert testimony in paternity and criminal forensic cases. RFLP and PCR testing.
  • Athena Diagnostics, Inc.
    Laboratory offers NephroCAST, direct DNA analysis for ADPKD.
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