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Foot Orthotics
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  • Dr. Kiper Silicone Dynamic Orthotics
    Offers custom silicone fluid orthotics that move with the foot to address painful problems in the foot, knee, hip, and lower back.
  • Foot Posture Orthotics Laboratory
    Offers products and information to help treat foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, and shin splints.
  • Heel That Pain
    Offers a product to treat heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
  • FitThotic
    Offers custom orthotics to improve foot, back, and knee pain.
  • Feet Relief
    Offers a wide selection of arch supports, foot supports, and cushion insoles.
  • Surefoot
    Offering custom ski boots and orthotics.
  • Aerodyn Orthotics
    Will send you a kit to make impressions of your feet and then make custom orthotics based on the returned impressions.
  • DM Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures AnkleTough, Heelift, and Cast Wedge.
  • PerfectStep
    Offers custom handmade orthotics to help alleviate foot, leg, and lower back pain
  • Custom Shoe Inserts
    Custom made polypropylene orthotics produced using a home foot impression system.
  • Footform Orthotics
    Creates custom orthotics using the Gaitmold Dynamic Impression Process and Footform Orthotic System.
  • HealWell
    Night splint products for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, achilles tendonitis, and muscle cramps.
  • Soft Point Footcare Products
    Contains information on SoftPoint Silicone and Viscolas footcare products including heel cups, heel pads, insoles, and orthotic to treat problems like heel pain, foot pain, and metatarsalgia.
  • Lobo Foot Orthotics
    Custom made; available by mail.
  • Talar Made Orthotics Ltd.
    Supplies foot orthoses and insoles.
  • Shoefitters
    Pedorthic facility specializing in the diabetic, arthritic and hard to fit person with a bio-mechanical abnormality.
    Provides resources on pain treatments, orthotics, cushions, insoles, and more.
  • Forward Arch
    Custom fitted, flexible foot corrector orthotics.
  • Northwest Podiatry of Tucson
    Orthotics, arch supports, and shoe inserts by podiatrist Dr. Elaine Shapiro for arch pain, flat feet, neuroma, heel spurs, pronation, and plantar fasciitis.
  • Removable Archpad
    Created for people with foot problems including heel spurs, plantar fasciitis/bursitis, achy arches and sore ankles.
  • Orthotics Online
    Custom functional foot orthotics.
  • Solesavers Store
    Offers over 100 foot health products, including orthotics, creams, and at-home treatments.
  • Foot Foundations
    Offers foot products and information on common foot problems. Heal feet naturally and eliminate foot pain.
  • Active Feet Orthotics
    Offers custom-molded orthotics for relief of foot, knee, and low back pain, and information on foot health.
    Offers customized shoe inserts for relief of heel pain.
  • Earthwalk Orthotics
    Offers prescription, custom, diabetic, and sports orthotics, arch supports, and shoes.
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