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Fitness Videos
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  • Collage Video
    Offers exercise videos including aerobics, toning, yoga, Pilates, and more.
  • Active Videos
    Offering dance, exercise, and sports instructional videos.
  • Workout Music Video
    Offers exercise videos and music for a variety of fitness activities.
    Exercise and fitness videos.
  • Paula Z's Exercise Video Reviews
    Provides reviews of exercise videos for consumers.  Various aerobic, weight, strength training, and fitness workouts available.
  • Fitness Made Simple
    Workout and nutrition videos featuring John Basedow.
    Offers a variety of fitness videos and fitness equipment, including cardio, kick boxing, exercise mats, weights, steps, and more.
  • Moving-Forward
    Exercise videos specifically designed for those with health problems.
  • Mr. Trainer
    Personal trainer on video. Includes newsletter, exercise tips, FAQs, and testimonials.
  • Karen Voight Fitness Online
    Offers exercise videos and DVDs including workouts for weight loss, yoga, pilates, strength and circuit training, and body sculpting.
  • Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease - Carmen teaches viewers striptease basics to ensure peak fitness.
  • Bestselling Workout and Exercise Videos
    Kickboxing, pre/post natal, yoga, and more.
  • Creative Instructors Aerobics, Inc.
    Produces workout and instructional videos.
  • Chair Dancing
    Get aerobic exercise and improve muscle tone and flexibility.
  • Association of National Aerobic Championships Worldwide
    Includes information on upcoming events, the World Aerobic Championship, and SportAerobics fitness videos.
  • Leslie's In Home Walking
    Official site of Leslie Sansone, offers In Home Walking and Walk Aerobics.
  • Fitness Factory
    Offers downloadable videos featuring aerobics choreography.
  • Denise Austin Video
    Offers a variety of titles for abs, yoga, and kickboxing.
  • ReFIT Yourself
    Providing aerobic fitness tapes for adults of all ages.
  • ieFit
    Offers fitness and exercise, dance, sports, ballet performance, and musical instrument videos.
  • Ab Workouts
    Offers abdominal and stomach exercise videos.
  • Be Fit Videos
    Sells a wide selection of instructional videos and DVDs including fitness, dance, and sports.
  • Pilates Video
    Offers a variety of instructional videos.
  • Kathy Smith Videos
    Offers exercise videos for fat burning, working out while pregnant, and weight loss.
  • Richard Simmons Video
    Offers workout titles for weight loss and toning.
  • Firm Exercise Videos, The
    Offers fitness tapes and a body sculpting system.
  • Ropesport Jumping Ropes
    Specializes in jump ropes and instructional and exercise videos and DVDs for full-body workouts.
  • Minna Lessig Videos
    Offers a variety of exercise titles.
  • Spirit in Action
    Sacred dance and meditations videos and books.
  • TreadMoves
    Offers full body workout videos for treadmills. Incorporates weight training and aerobic combinations with intervals of walking, hill climbing, running, and sprinting.
  • Pinnacle Rehabilitation Ltd.
    Provides exercise and rehabilitation videos for chronic lower back pain, preparation and recovery from hip or knee replacement surgery, and shoulder injuries.
  • Mission Fitness
    Offers women's fitness clothing and an aerobic dance fitness video.
  • Creative Body Works
    Provides tapes for relaxation, stretching, and other health and body issues.
  • Katrina Fitness
    Offers a DVD containing Pilates-inspired routines set to music.
  • PUSH
    Delivers three customized training sessions on DVD each month, led by a personal trainer. Change the level, goals, trainer, music, and more.
    Online video demonstrations of exercises presented by trainer Vincent DePalma.
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