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Fitness Online Training
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    Creates personalized workouts and diet programs and provides information from fitness experts, daily articles, animated exercise demos, tips, and more.
  • Workouts For
    Offers home exercise programs for women of all fitness levels, under the guidance of a certified personal trainer.
    Customized training programs.
    Offers in-person or online fitness assistance. Also sells exercise accessories.
  • Fantasy Fit, Inc.
    Offers personal fitness training in cardiovascular, weight training, diet, and more. Also features a FAQ database and video demonstrations.
  • High Performance Personal Training
    Offers training for actors, athletes, hard-core trainees, and other highly motivated people.
  • My Fitness Expert
    Allows users to choose their own personal fitness trainer to work with them one-to-one via the Internet.
  • Life Practice
    Life coach to provide weight control health and nutrition for life through coping with stress exercise program and exercise plan engineered by a personal life coaches.
  • Fitness Prof, The
    Offers personal fitness training at a private studio and at home, as well as virtual training via email or chat, and phone consultations.
  • Little, Tony
    Catalog, biography, and more.
  • Tudor Bompa Training System
    Sports science specialists offering fitness and sports specific services for the athlete and exercise professional.
    Offers personal fitness and nutrition coaching.
  • Fitness By Day
    Exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer Brian Day offers guidance, instruction, and motivation.
  • Action Online Consulting
    Online and tele-consultation personal fitness training.
  • Kaehler Fitness
    Offers personal fitness and nutrition coaching.
  • Forma Personal Training
    Offers individual training as well as sports team conditioning programs either online or in its studio.
  • Trainer Dave's Personal Training
    Provides personal training services at a Bally Total Fitness in the Detroit area in addition to online training programs.
  • Wellfit Solutions
    Provides online personalized meal planning, customized workout and exercise plans, body composition and nutrition analysis, supplementation recommendations, fitness accessories, and products.
  • Online Athletic Club, The
    Provides fitness-related news, book and product reviews, opinion pieces, and customized individual workout programs.
  • Lehnkering, Scott
    Certified personal fitness trainer providing worldwide online fitness instruction in addition to hands-on instruction between Oceanside and Irvine, California.
  • Results Fitness Training
    On site, Internet, and phone training.
    Online personal fitness training by David J. Renouf. Designed for weight loss, toning, and general fitness.
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