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Fitness Software
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  • Linear Software
    Developers of the Body Tracker that calculates and records body fat percentages, composition, and measurements.
  • Fitness Assistant
    Software for tracking food and exercise calories.
  • Biofitness Systems, Inc.
    Developers of The Fitness Buddy excercise program.
  • SparkPeople
    Features online diet plans and fitness programs designed by dieticians and personal trainers.
  • FitnessTool
    Create exercise workouts, record dietary nutritional facts, and chart the results of your regimen with reports and graphs.
  • DietPleasure
    Offers diet software that includes nutrition and fitness modules.
  • Dakota Fit Software
    Designed to track, graph, and report your workouts, measurements, and personal fitness goals.
  • Vivonic Fitness Planner
    Customizable training software that provides workout routines and diet programs for personal planning and trainers.
  • Visual Health Information (VHI)
    Offers exercise software for fitness and rehabilitation professionals.
  • FitCentric Technologies, Inc.
    Athletic training software for health and fitness.
  • Yourself!Fitness
    Fitness program for the Xbox that combines elements of exercise and video games. Provides over 500 exercises personalized to choices of music, mood, and focus.
  • CrossTrak
    Provides a computerized sport logbook and training monitoring system, and access to a web club.
  • Performance Health Technologies
    Offers a system that enables athletes to achieve and maintain peak performance levels.
  • BioEx Systems, Inc.
    Comprehensive computer generated exercise programs and education handouts for use by health professionals.
  • Sports Medicine Industries, Inc.
    Offers software packages for Wingate, Astrand-Rhyming, and YMCA testing with mechanically-braked ergometers.
  • Personal Trainer Software
    Offering software for cycling exercise.
  • QuickCheckup Fitness Evaluation Tool
    Health risk assessment software provides customized evaluations, tracks results, suggests goals for next evaluation, and projects future performance.
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