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Computerized Training Tools
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    Provides web-enabled devices for monitoring health and fitness for consumers and for clinical use. Products include a body composition analyzer and calorie tracker.
  • FitSense Technology
    Provides personal interactive wirelessly networked sensors and systems, possible peripheral devices for wearable computers.
  • SportBrain
    Wearable personal fitness assistant that tracks and analyzes your daily physical activity.
  • GymMate
    Personal electronic fitness and exercise computer with dozens of workout programs.
  • Ya-Man Ltd.
    Offers SlimStep, a palm-sized personal fitness system that measures body fat, recommends a weight loss course, and tracks calories burned during exercise, walking, or daily activity.
  • Physical Genius
    Offers a series of computerized training tools.
  • SmartLete Performance Solution
    Monitors and records exercise metrics to guide and pace users through workouts.
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