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Colic - Diseases and Conditions
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  • Colic Shop
    Offering colic relief products for babies.
  • Slumber Sounds
    All-natural products to ease baby colic symptoms and sleep problems.
  • Sweet Dreems, Inc.
    Offers Sleep Tight, a non-invasive medical device, that simulates the sound and motion of a traveling car to calm and soothe colicky babies.
  • colic
    Makers of Lull-a-Band, a natural way to ease the pain of colic in babies.
  • Tummy Calm
    Massage oil for soothing a crying, fussy baby with colic.
  • Colic-Ease Gripe Water
    Information regarding an herbal dietary supplement used to help with colicky babies.
  • Colic Relief Formula
    Offers an herbal product for colic in babies.
  • Colic Calm Gripe Water
    An all natural formula for relief of infant colic, hiccups, and gas.
  • Baby's Bliss GripeWater
    Natural, alcohol, and sugar-free liquid for babies distressed by gas, colic, or hiccups.
  • Baby's Answer for Colic
    Audio cassette tape whose vibrations are designed to calm an infant's intestinal discomfort.
  • Pediacalm
    Natural product used for the treatment of colic.
  • Infacol
    A treatment for infant colic and griping pain which can assist in bringing up wind and alleviate distress in babies.
  • Snuz
    Recordings of environmental sounds. Designed to promote relaxation and sleep for children and adults.
  • Colic and Babies
    List of proven techniques for alleviating colic in infants.
  • North Texas Colic Specialists, Inc.
    Offering a video to educate parents about colic.
  • Fussy Baby
    Soothing white noise CD sounds for colicky babies.
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