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Cardiovascular Equipment
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  • Edwards Lifesciences
    Providing products and services to treat cardiovascular disease including heart valve repair products.
  • Lipid Sciences
    Engaged in the research and development of products to treat major medical indications in which a lipid component plays a key role.
    Provides an extensive suite of solutions that integrate cardiovascular information systems, including PACS.
  • Perfusion
    Source for perfusion information on the Internet.
  • Scan Tech Medical
    Products include holter monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, heart rate monitors, and spirometers.
  • Cardio Vascular Sales
    Dealer and distributor of refurbished ultrasound and echocardiography equipment or systems.
  • Active Corporation
    Makers of ActiveECG, a pocket-sized cardiac monitor that works with the Palm OS series.
  • Intermedics Inc
    Pacemakers and pacemaking equipment.
  • Hertford Medical
    Provides ECG and ambulatory blood pressure analyses and products to the pharmaceutical industry and to local hospitals.
  • Rozinn Electronics Inc
    A Holter company offering a complete line of cardiac diagnostic products.
  • ACI Medical
    Arterial assist device, ArtAssist is designed to solve problems with, diabetic foot, chronic ulcers, non-healing wounds, lower limb vascular disease, poor blood flow and more.
  • Pulse Biomedical, Inc.
    Contemporary devices and software for the medical industry. Our principal products are resting ECG and stress testing.
  • Atlantic Medical Services
  • Alpha Omega, Inc.
    Offers pre-owned medical equipment, specializing in cardio-vascular.
  • Salutron, Inc.
    Offers single touch heart rate monitors.
  • ViVitro Systems
    Facilities, equipment, & devices for conducting prosthetic heart valve research. Extensive software database of artifical heart valve performance data.
  • Vermont Medical, Inc.
    Manufacturer of disposable EKG, ECG electrodes for use in all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications.
  • Cardiocom
    Offers home health care products and services for congestive heart failure disease management.
  • Medicomp, Inc.
    Supplier of solid-state ambulatory systems including holters, solid state recorders, and networking systems.
  • Quality Monitor Systems, Inc.
    Sales and service of Hewlett Packard medical equipment.
  • Cardiac Evaluation Center
    Provider of holter and cardiac event monitoring services and equipment.
  • X Technologies Inc.
    Develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for angioplasty providing less invasive therapy for a broad range of circulatory diseases.
  • AtCor Medical
    Develops and markets products for non-invasive measurement of central aortic blood pressures and other central cardiovascular parameters.
  • Quality Rapid Service Mounts, Inc. - EKG supplies.
  • Beck-Lee
    Source for cardiology supplies.
  • Response Medical Equipment
    Supplies ECG machines, cardiographs, external and intensive care defibrillators, and other equipment for cardiology, haemodynamic monitoring, women's health, and stress incontinence.
  • Vasoflow Technologies, Inc.
    Develops patented and patent pending medical devices for vascular access.
  • MicroECG Patient Heart Monitor
    Pocket size ECG EKG for displaying a standard QRS heart cardiac cycle.
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