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  • Putnams
    Specialist producers of back and neck support items, including pillows, cushions, chairs, foam wedges, lumbar rolls, and memory mattresses.
  • Synektics
    Makers of the Linear Gravity Pillow for back and neck pain.
  • Omega Massage
    Specializes in massage chairs and recliners that feature air and roller massage technology and an auto adjustment feature.
  • Harmony in Design
    Manufactures equipment for stretching out the back and/or yoga.
  • Wedge Support Products
    An orthopedic cushion which attaches to your automotive head restraint.
  • Meijers
    Specializes in health products addressing neck and back pain.
  • Saunders Group Physical Therapy Equipment
    Offers cervical traction devices, physical therapy equipment, and back supports.
  • Nada-Chair
    Provides a variety of ergonomic back support systems.
  • Back Bubble, The
    For relief of herniated discs, sciatica, disc diseases, and undiagnosable lower back pain.
  • BackMagic
    Supports the Sacro-Iliac joints which have been shown to be the major source of low back pain.
  • Invertrac
    Back pain relief product designed to effectively eliminate your lower back pain.
  • Back-A-Line
    Relieves back pain caused by bad posture.
  • Glacier Cross, Inc.
    Makers of pronex, pneumatic traction device for the relief of chronic cervical pain.
  • Health Bridges Inc.
  • Ergo-Pedic Sleep Systems
    Makers of the Ergo Pedic Pressure Sleep System, an ergonomic mattress that senses your unique body style and cradles you by adjusting and conforming to every contour of your body.
  • ITA-MED Co.
    Manufacturer and supplier of compression hosiery, orthopedic supports, maternity and other health products.
  • Medical Science Institute, Inc.
    Offers a back and neck pain treatment device.
  • VAX-D Network
    Vertebral axial decompression is a non-surgical procedure for treating the disabling lower back conditions of herniated discs, degenerative discs, sciatica and facet syndrome.
  • Heads Up
    Adjustable, elastic-based head support system for adults with special needs, child seats, and napping travelers.
  • Meditrac
    Offers products for the treatment of back pain and spine disorders.
  • McCarty's, Inc.
    Manufactures Sacro-Ease seat inserts for cars and chairs, and Peach Pillows for cervical spine support in bed.
  • Therarc Theraputic Pillow
    Pillow system.
  • FutureFlite
    Adjustable lumbar support with push-button control for airline passenger seats.
  • BackMaster
    Thoracic and lumbar devices that realigns the spine.
  • V-Force
    Makes an ergonomic seated traction back pain relief device.
  • Heat Treat Backpack System
    A reusable, therapeutic heat device for the relief of back and neck pain.
  • Backsport Memory Backstore
    Manufactures home electronic muscle stimulators, TENS device units, memory pillows, mattresses, and more.
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