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Aquatic Exercise
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  • AquaJogger
    Offers water fitness products which include buoyancy belts, learn-to-swim flotation aids, and aquatic fitness swimwear.
  • Aquatic Alliance International
    Information on aquatic fitness certifications, continuing education programs, online aquatic-based choreography update, class demos, competitions and more.
    Offers products for aqua aerobic/water exercise enthusiasts and instructors.
  • Splash International
    Swimwear and water fitness equipment.
  • Hydro-Fit, Inc.
    Manufactures and distributes water fitness and aquatic therapy equipment.
  • AquaTrend, Inc.
    Offers a water workout system for indoor and outdoor pools.
    Instructions for water exercises and personal water workouts.
  • Dr. Abboudi's Aquatic Exercise Units
    Designing and marketing a line of underwater equipment which convert an ordinary pool into an underwater gym.
  • Thera-Band
    Revolutionary training equipment for swimmers, aquatic aerobics.
  • Aquademics Aquatic Services Network Corp.
    Subscription based information for lifeguards, swimming instructors, triathletes, and backyard pool owners.
  • Pool Stuff, Inc.
    Provides flexible tethers for endless swimming and painless water jogging.
  • Bodyciser
    Aquatic exercise device.
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